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  • Hadley Case


MIAMI, FL, November 24, 2020 - Compiler Venture Capital (Compiler), an investment fund based in Miami, FL, announced today it has invested in UK-based, IbisVision Limited. IbisVision Limited is an innovator in the optical care space, offering cutting edge technology via their patented remote eye exam platforms, including the Ring of Sight (RoS) remote eye exam for glaucoma. For the first time in history, optometrists and hospital clinics can perform remote eye exams.

IbisVision CEO, Mark Roger, has spent six years overseeing the development of the business and its revolutionary platform. The IbisVision platform allows optical professionals to remotely examine eyes using the 24-2, Amsler grid, Ishihara color, and Visual Acuity tests. This allows patients to get contactless exams with doctors to write correctional prescriptions and diagnose glaucoma.

The IbisVision technology is extremely timely during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering an easy to use, portable, and affordable telemedicine option that promises to be an important tool for optical professionals for decades to come. Additionally, the platform also allows patients to engage with “gamified tests,” an innovative way to reduce the incidence of false-positive or negative results. Making the tests more accessible, less invasive, and engaging, results in a much better outcome for both the patient and clinician. The cloud-based testing system can be deployed, accessed, and used anywhere from any device at any time. In addition to collecting, storing, and accessing clinical information in a secure hosted environment.

“Our fundamental principle was to develop a high-quality test that could be provided anywhere, anytime. We have started with the tests that are most commonly used during a routine eye exam, providing the foundations for a robust screening tool,” explains IbisVision CEO Mark Roger.

While an attractive investment for the life science, technology, and healthcare-focused firm, IbisVision has also found an ideal investor/partner in Compiler Venture Capital. Its Managing Partner, Adam Wolman, brings with him a prodigious 30 years of experience within the optical space, having helped create, manage, and sell For Eyes, an American optical retailer with 150 locations. Wolman says, “I have always been concerned with the slow adoption of new technology in optometry over the past three decades. There has been a real need for better tools to diagnose visual acuity and field of vision problems in patients and the IbisVision platform fills that need in the industry. IbisVision has so many applications, especially in the retail environment where there are no optometrists on site.”

The innovative technology addresses the issue of pre-tests for patients, bundling them into one easy solution, eliminating the need for patients to move from test to test. “Investing in digital healthcare that has the power to transform the business and positively affect patient’s lives, is a win-win,” says Wolman. “Compiler’s goal is to make healthcare easy and accessible for people across the globe. Our investments are focused mainly in the US and UK, but the companies we invest in have global exposure. With Telemedicine solutions, online diagnostic tools, and electronic health records (EHR), patients can move within the global healthcare ecosystem safely and affordably.”

Compiler General Partner, Yannick Henriette adds, “IbisVision is not only well aligned with our investment strategy, they also have a revolutionary product that will positively disrupt the optical industry. I’m also very impressed by the management team, which is ultimately the key to a company’s success.”

About Compiler Venture Capital:

Compiler Venture Capital is a venture capital firm based in Miami and Washington DC. Compiler provides growth capital to diverse businesses that show promise in the sectors of health, science, and technology. Founded by General Partners Adam Wolman, Hossein Noshirvani, and Yannick Henriette, Compiler has had a successful track record of investing and building organizations. It has helped private companies attain their growth objectives by tapping into a set of resources, knowledge base, and network of relationships designed to help companies scale. More info available at:

About IbisVision:

Founded in 2014 by a former eye surgeon and now led by CEO Mark Roger, IbisVision employs approximately six individuals in Glasgow, Scotland. Our vision is to offer a seamless remote optometry solution to build resilience in the provision of eye-care while disrupting the traditional one instrument one test in-store delivery model. Providing multiple tests on a single cloud-based platform gives universal accessibility with software as a service (SaaS) delivery model dramatically reducing capital expenditure. The IbisVision platform is intended for use by qualified eye-care professionals to whom it will prove invaluable. More info available at:

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